Thursday, August 21, 2008

BSG Opening 2008

Thanks to everyone who came to my opening on Friday. A special thanks to those who purchased my works, your support is greatly appreciated! I was a bit disappointed with the space as it was a little closed off from the main gallery. I chose it because it was next to the bar but I am considering a better space for my next exhibition. Brunswick Street Gallery is a good venue but the stairs are a killer! I had to carry everything up to the second floor and hang it myself!

Aaah! A glass of bubbly and a red sticker - the perfect combination!

Gathering a crowd. My Mum in the green and my son Alex in the foreground.

Pretentious discussions about art (oh that's me!). :)

Wow! Pretty straight hang.

Just before the show.

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Julia said...

Looks great Debbie, just wish I could have come to the opening. Just about over this llooooonnnggg flu!